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A Commitment to Regional Stewardship and Economic Development

The mission of the CEAD will be to increase NKU’s visibility as an institution committed to regional stewardship and economic development through economic analysis and business research conducted for the benefit the organizations of our region. This will be accomplished by developing the institutional infrastructure in economic analysis necessary to enhance the region’s economic growth and development. As such, the CEAD will serve as a vital link between NKU and the regional community by collecting, analyzing, and disseminating business, economic and demographic information. Specific activities would include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • conducting applied business and economic research;
  • providing regional economic and industry forecasts;
  • conducting industrial surveys (employment/technology needs);
  • performing site location and selection analysis;
  • generating population projections;
  • performing cost-benefit studies;
  • doing basic data collection;
  • offering annual outlook conferences;
  • conducting basic geographic information system (GIS) research;
  • conducting basic demographic research;
  • providing regular economic newsletters and updates.

As such, the CEAD will be an essential component of the region’s economic development process by conducting high-quality, high-profile, objective research on issues related to the community’s current and future economic well-being.


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