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Ready to get started but not sure how to finance your education? Returning to college is an investment in your future that it will take careful planning on your part. Consider these tips:

  1. Update your household budget. Look at all the places you spend money now and determine where you can cut back to invest in your education.
  2. Talk to your employer. Even if they don't offer a formal tuition-reimbursement program, many employers are willing to provide support for stellar employees. After all, they will reap the benefit of your education!
  3. Apply for federal and state aid. Many adult learners think they won't qualify for financial assistance, but most are eligible for some assistance, often in the form of low-interest loans. You won't know until you apply so start by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Assistance at
  4. Defer your current student loans. Once you re-enroll at least part-time, you are eligible to defer payment of your current student loans. 
  5. Look for scholarships. You will be amazed at how many organizations offer scholarships for adult learners. Start with your church or other local organization. 
  6. Talk to your loved ones - you may be surprised how delighted they would be to help you achieve this important goal!
  7. Set up an appointment to talk to an NKU financial-assistance counselor in detail by calling 859.572.5143 or toll-free at 1.888.225.4499.  You can also view more information from the NKU Office of Financial Assistance online.