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What is the criteria to be eligible for Project Graduate?

Prior Students:

  • You must be admissible for readmission to first bachelor's degree.
  • You must have at least 80 earned hours.

Transfer Students:

  • You must be admissible as a transfer to first bachelor's degree.
  • You must have at least 80 earned hours.
  • You must have sat out 2 years since last enrolled. 


How can I find out what courses I need to complete my degree?

Your personal academic advisor can assist you with determining the courses you need to complete your degree. Contact your academic department and fill out our interest form to discuss your options.


Are online classes available?

Yes. NKU offers a wide variety of online classes and degree programs.


Does NKU offer credit through portfolio?

Yes. NKU allows credit through portfolio that is course specific.


How do I apply?

Please complete the Project Graduate Interest Form, after which we will contact you within 5 business days. You will then need to apply to the university via the normal application process.


Do I have to complete the same degree I started?

No. NKU offers many degree programs and majors. Check out all of NKU's adult-friendly programs.


I haven't been in school for 30 years. Can I still come back?

Yes, Project Graduate students can return at any age. NKU has a long history with helping students of all ages.


Can I receive credit by exam?

Yes. NKU allows credit by exam through CLEP and DSST. A variety of departmental exams are also available. Visit Testing Services for more information.


Is a Project Graduate degree any less than a normal degree?

Project Graduate is not a degree, but a program that assists students interested in pursuing their bachelor's degree.


Can I still apply for financial aid?

Yes. Many Project Graduate students still receive financial assistance and scholarships. Please visit the Office of Financial Assistance for more information. 


I want to finish up my degree from another Kentucky public institution at NKU, can I do that?

Yes. If you live near NKU, we can assist you with completing your degree through transfer credit back to your prior institution.  


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