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"I am an adult student who works full time, I am a mother of 3 children and I am responsible for my father who is disabled. I have spent the last decade or so, being somebody's mom or somebody's daughter; which is wonderful and I am proud of my family and all that I am able to do for them. However, while attending NKU, I became me again. I found myself and looked forward to going to class so that I could take in the information from my professors and my classmates. I found my voice and a new confidence that I know will benefit me in any situation that comes my way.

I have found success academically and was able to find my way through all the obstacles, even when people told me that I was taking on too much. What I found was that my classes helped motivate me through the process. The more success I have had, the better I felt. I am now not only somebody's mom or somebody's daughter, but I am Amy, a college graduate.

I am thankful to NKU for giving me the canvas to achieve so much victory. I tried this at other universities and it just didn't come together. At NKU, I knew things were different and from my first class I knew I was in the right place and I was going to succeed!"

~Amy Humphrey, NKU Graduate, PACE, Integrative Studies



"After giving and receiving so much from NKU, the place that I love...I decided to leave NKU in 2000 without my degree, but for a great opportunity in business. I worried that I would never reach the important goal of being a true Norse alumni and graduate.

After almost 13 years of great success in business and a few failed attempts at taking courses, I thought my fear was becoming a reality...I would never be an NKU graduate.

That was until last year when I was introduced to Vicki and Debbie from the NKU Educational Outreach office. Within a week of our introduction, their office had a clear, well-designed, and really convenient plan of courses and other items that would allow me to be an NKU grad!

If you are a work-a-holic as I am, and also have a young family as I do, and think it's impossible to finish your degree at NKU as I did...please reach out to the Office of Educational Outreach and let one of those amazing people help you.

Join me in becoming a true Norse alum and graduate!"

~Christopher Boggs, Project Graduate Student