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Maggie Frye

Maggie Frye '04

Founder & Principal Consultant

Core Consulting Group

Core Consulting
Core Consulting

Successfully Designing the Leader in You: Managing Your Networking Web

March 17

12:00-1:00 p.m.

The overall health of our relationships with internal and external stakeholders can make or break the ease and effectiveness of our work. During this session, we’ll successfully design the leader in you by discussing strategies for building and maintaining your networking web.

Build Your Web

  • Explore the value of a collaborative approach to leadership
  • Identify critical stakeholders who need to be a part of your web

Keep Your Web Strong

  • Build a “sticky” community people want to continue to be a part of
  • Apply 4 strategies that ensure long-lasting relationships

Zoom Recording Link

Passcode: EP#zB@R6