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What is Norse Network?

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The NKU Norse Network is a professional networking platform, designed by PeopleGrove, where alumni can connect with other alumni and current students. This platform was designed to offer students and alumni access to a diverse community, united under the university umbrella. When you join the Norse Network, you will be able to: connect and network with fellow alumni, current students, faculty and staff; support alumni-owned businesses with the Norse Business Directory; search and recruit for jobs or internships and much more!

Why should I become a Mentor?

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Mentoring can be a fun and rewarding experience! You have the opportunity to advise, influence and support first-year students on their university and career journey.

You'll find that your own career, too, can be enhanced by the time and effort you put into a mentoring relationship as you hone your coaching skills and become familiar with the new generation entering the workforce.

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Questions? Contact Olivia Morgane-Scott, Associate Director of Alumni Engagement, at or at (859) 572-5565.