Curious and creative, eager for intellectual challenge, driven by a deep commitment to value and purpose, our students form the heart of the College of Arts and Sciences. Our programs offer close faculty mentorship, the chance to engage in meaningful research and creative activity, and the opportunity to develop a sense of personal purpose and direction.

With that idea in mind, the College of Arts & Sciences supports several programs that can enhance a student's education and social life on campus. Learn more below.

Education Abroad

Learning should not be confined to the classroom. Through the Office of Education Abroad, students can spend a semester studing in another country or take part in a short-term trip to a foreign destination.

Career and Graduate School Readiness

In the College of Arts & Sciences you build the skills you need for the future in a subject you love. Learn more about how the college prepares students for careers and graduate school.

Student Organizations

Several departments in the College sponsor student clubs/organizations.  In addition to promoting their program of study, they bring students together outside the classroom to share common interests and develop friendships.

Research & Creative Scholarly Work Resources

The College of Arts & Sciences offers several internal grant opportuntities to fund research and creative activities involving students and faculty.