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Expand Your Educational Experience

Integrating knowledge from across the range of our degree programs and providing opportunities for real-world applications of academic are at the heart of the College of Arts and Sciences, and we offer an exciting array of innovative Centers and Programs to enhance the educational experiences of our students. 

Center for Applied Anthropology

The CAA collaborates with and conducts community-based ethnographic research with local, national and international non-profit and governmental agencies.

Burkardt Consulting Center

The Burkardt Consulting Center (BCC) provides assistance with a wide variety of projects, studies and experiments that involve elements of statistics and/or mathematicical modeling.  BCC serves both faculty and student clients at NKU as well as the surrounding community.

Center for Integrative Natural Science and Mathematics (CINSAM)

The Center for Integrative Natural Science and Mathematics (CINSAM) is dedicated to enhancing teaching, learning, and application of science and mathematics at all educational levels throughout the region.

Center for Public History

The Center for Public History supports the civic engagement and community outreach activities of the faculty and students of the History & Geography Department. The CPH works with cities, museums and parks to gather historical information, preserve artifacts and create exhibits for the public to enjoy. 

Center for Environmental Education

The Center for Environmental Education (CEE) is an institute within the Center for Integrated Natural Sciences and Mathematics. As a member of the Kentucky University Partnership for Environmental Education the organization’s mission is to improve regional environmental literacy.