Printing Research Posters

CINSAM offers research poster printing services for the Heather Bullen Summer Research Celebration, the Celebration of Student Research and Creativity, and other regional, national and international conferences for the following NKU departments:

  • Biological Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Physics, Geology, and Engineering Technology
  • Teacher Education

Deadlines for Poster Submission


Beginning 3/22/19, CINSAM will no longer print posters that are submitted less than 48 hours before the deadline (not counting weekends, holidays or snowdays)

For small events and conferences:
Submissions must be receieved at least 48-hours (not counting weekends, holidays, or snowdays) prior to when the posters is needed.

For larger events: 
More time is needed for larger events. In these cases, CINSAM will publish earlier deadlines by email to our departments or webpage. These events include:

Instructions for Printing a Research Poster

  • Create your poster (PowerPoint is reccommended) and set your page dimensions to 36" x 48" (H X W). 

  • Save your file (PDF). Only PDF formats are accepted. using the following format: "<faculty last name & first inital>-<event name>-<student last name & first inital>". For example, a poster for for Dr. John Smith's student, Melissa Walker for the Heather Bullen Celebration would be saved as "SmithJ-BullenCelebration-WalkerM".

  • Faculty should submit posters to CINSAM via the "STEM Posters" folder on the K: drive.  

  • All posters should be reviewed by the faculty advisor prior to submission

  • Once a file is ready to print and has been placed in the "STEM Posters" folder, the faculty advisor should submit a ticket using this link authorizing CINSAM to send the poster to print. Faculty will be notified by email when the poster is ready for pick up. Printed posters will be picked up in the SC 240 office suite.

  • Reprints will be at the cost of the department, not CINSAM.

  • Submissions will not be accepted by email or flash-drive or from students.

Helpful Resources

How to create a research poster (NKU Libraries)

Poster Templates (NKU)