Peer Learning

What is STEM-Wide Peer Learning?

STEM Ambassadors lead weekly STEM-Wide Peer Learning Sessions every Wednesday from 5:00-7:00 pm (NEW TIME!) in Science center 320. We changed the timing this semester to better accomodate our student's schedules. These sessions are informal and involve the STEM Ambassadors working collaboratively with students needing help in their STEM courses. Students can bring their homework, test reviews, lecture notes, or any other course material they need help with. All STEM majors and students enrolled in STEM courses are invited to participate in all sessions.

The main courses supported through these sessions are

BIO  150 - Introduction to Biology I

BIO  151 - Introduction to Biology II

CHE 120 - General Chemistry I

CHE 121 - General Chemistry II

CHE 310 - Organic Chemistry I

CHE 311 - Organic Chemistry II

INF  120 - Elementary Programming

CSC 260 - Object-Oriented Programming I

CSC 360 - Object-Oriented Programming II

CSC 364 - Data Structures and Algorithms

CIT  247 - Network Fundamentals

MAT 119 - Pre-Calculus Mathematics

MAT 128 - Calculus A

MAT 129 - Calculus I

MAT 227 - Calculus B

MAT 228 - Calculus C

MAT 229 - Calculus II

PHY 211 - General Physics with Laboratory I

PHY 213 - General Physics with Laboratory II

PHY 220 - University Physics with Laboratory I

PHY 222 - University Physics with Laboratory II

STA 250 - Probability and Statistics I