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The final practicum of graduate student Richard Challis entitled, “A New Era for Northern Kentucky: The Committee of 500 Oral History Project," is about efforts to stop organized gambling in the area.

The purpose of the project is to show a better understanding of the role of the Committee of 500, a political extension of reform religious groups in Northern Kentucky that also included local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. They all worked together to force organized crime from Northern Kentucky.

The laissez faire and pariah attitude of some of Kentucky’s people and government toward Northern Kentucky was fostered by the “sin-city” image of  the area. That attitude stifled Northern Kentucky’s development until U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy aided the Committee of 500 in their fight against organized crime.       

If this area’s organized crime syndicate had not been eliminated, institutions like NKU would have been much delayed or not built at all as a new era of state rapprochement started.