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Sharon Woods Village

NKU graduate student Mary Ladrick’s final project for the completion of her Masters Degree in Public History will be to create a furnishing plan for the 1870 Elk Lick House at Sharon Woods Heritage Village in Sharonville, Ohio.  

Mary will be researching primary and secondary sources in order to develop a picture of the family who once lived in the house. From that historical portrait, she will develop a furnishings plan for the Elk Lick House in authentic floor coverings, wall décor, window treatments, furniture and all the accoutrements of daily life for a rural Ohio family circa 1870. 

Mary is working with professional members of the museum's staff, as well as other outside experts, in the completion of her project. The plan will help the staff at Heritage Village in their interpretation of the Elk Lick House and the 19th Century village in which it sits.

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