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Course Title: ACOE Wetland Delineation / Regional Supplement for Eastern Mountains and Piedmont/ Waters of the United States (WOTUS) Training


Course Mission:  This training will encompass the mandated 1987 Wetland Delineation Manual and Eastern Mountains Piedmont (EMP) protocols to train an individual to identify the presence and boundaries of Waters of the United States.


Course Timeline: 4-day course (30+ hrs).  Course will be 1.5 days in classroom and 2.5 days in field. There is an optional day field trip to a prestine wetland in SW Ohio.  


Date: July 5-8, 2022 (optional SW Ohio field trip July 9)


Cost: $1000 professional; $500 NKU student; $600 non-NKU student


Registration: Click here.


Course Materials: Provided


Course Objectives:

·      History of Wetland Regulations

·      Gain the knowledge for an individual to delineate wetlands per the protocols of ACOE, state, and local agencies

·      Course covers in detail the Eastern Mountains and Piedmont Regional Supplement

·      Learn to determine if a site satisfies hydrophytic vegetation requirements

·      Learn to identify some wetland plant species

·      Learn to determine if a site satisfies hydrology requirement based on field indicators of hydrology

·      Learn to determine if a site has hydric soils based on field indicators

·      Understand biological, chemical, and physical features of wetlands

·      Learn to determine boundaries of a wetland or if a site is within a wetland

·      Learn to determine if a water is a WOTUS based on the 2015 Clean Water Rule


Course Topics:

·      ACOE 1987 Wetland Delineation Manual

·      History of Wetland Regulations

·      WOTUS events SWANCC vs US decision, Rapanos vs. US decision, 2015 Clean Water Rule

·      Section 404

·      Definitions of WOTUS and how it has changed over time

·      Cowardin System

·      Wetland hydrology

·      Primary and secondary field indicators

·      Learn how to thoroughly fill out wetland delineation forms

·      Learn online and literature reference materials useful in wetland determinations


Reminder: Dress appropriately for weather and mosquitos