NKU Environmental Science researchers

The environmental science (ENV) program provides career paths for students who see themselves working outside or in a lab collecting data, working in environmental law, education, history, or urban planning. Regardless of where your environmental interests lead you, the ENV Program has a degree program for you.

United by our passion for the environment, NKU’s environmental science degrees focus on environmental communication, health, community, local and global issues, sustainability, water resources, and social responsibility in science.

Both the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) offer a solid foundation in the sciences and emphasize the importance of understanding the interrelationships among the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. The minor in Environmental Studies that is a useful compliment to any major at NKU.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

The B.S. focuses on understanding the physical, chemical, and biological principles underlying the structure and function of our environment as well as understanding how, and to what extent, human activities have interfered with that structure and function. The degree also works toward identifying solutions to existing environmental problems while preventing further environmental degradation. Learn more in our catalog.

Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science

The B.A. is an interdisciplinary major offering courses in the social, physical, and natural sciences. It focuses on understanding environmental science from an integrated social-ecological perspective with greater emphasis on social and behavioral sciences, humanities, art, health, communication disciplines, and leadership skills. Students in the B.A. degree program will develop an understanding of the human-environment relationship and how social, cultural, and scientific theories interact and affect environmental issues. Learn more in our catlog.

Minor in Environmental Studies  

The minor in environmental studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide students with a coherent academic program that is sensitive and responsive to current and projected environmental problems facing the human community on a variety of levels. The minor in environmental studies is intended to broaden and strengthen a number of major programs by providing a useful focus on a wide range of environmental issues. Learn more in our catlog.

Questions? Contact the Director, Dr. Hopfensperger, Natural Science Center 247, (859) 572-5305, hopfenspek1@nku.edu