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What People are Saying About NKU's Environmental Science Interns

"Having environmental science interns work at the NKU Center for Applied Ecology provides us with a steady flow of intelligent, hard-working, and engaged student workers.  We also take pride in being able to help encourage and educate the region's future environmental scientists."

Devin Schenk ---NKU Center for Applied Ecology

"My experiences with NKU students at Split Rock has been as educational for me as I believe it has been for them.  Every student has been enthusiastic and responsible and has made a significant contribution to our small but growing non-profit.  I hope to continue to build a relationship with NKU and provide experiences for students that are unique and demonstrate what it means to take an active role in your community."

Mark Jacobs
Conservation Technician
Boone and Kenton County Conservation District

How It Works:

An internship with an environmentally based company or organization or research experience is required to graduate with a B.S. in Environmental Science. For further details, check the Environmental Science Program Blackboard Page.

Internship Opportunities:

Many government organizations, non-profit organizations, and private companies offer internship opportunities to undergraduate students.  These internships range greatly in subject, location, and skill level.  Many of them also offer pay.  Opportunities and additional weblinks can be found on the ENV Blackboard Page, after which application for the job will be the student’s responsibility.

Many students also find themselves working at the Center For Environmental Restoration, which provides environmental services to the surrounding community.