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Sciences Unite to Donate PPE to Protect St. E's Health Care Workers

Stuart and Luke Oehrle

Stuart Oehrle (Chemistry and Biochemistry) and his son Luke drop off a load of personal protective equipment to St. Elizabeth's Hospital.

carload of PPE

A van load of supplies is loaded and ready for delivery to St. E's.

Nationwide, hospitals and clinics taking care of COVID-19 patients have been running low on personal protective equipment (PPE). Northern Kentucky was no different.

Fortunately, NKU has a close working relationship with St. E's. So, it was a simple matter to make the connections and help add to their inventory of gloves, gowns, surgical masks and those all-important N-95 respirators.

Stuart Oehrle, an adjunct in Chemistry, reached out to faculty and staff in three departments (Biological Sciences, Chemistry & Biochemistry, and Psychological Science). All three departments had a fair stockpile of PPE for use in research and teaching labs.

With the switch to virtual labs for the rest of Spring Semester, it was a simple matter to donate the NKU stockpile to the health care professionals. In the end, NKU's three department sent more than 20,000 gloves and over 1,000 masks along with multiple other items.

"Your time spent locating, collecting, communicating and delivering all these items to St. Elizabeth Healthcare is truly appreciated on behalf of our staff and patients.  You have made an incredible difference!" said Jan Schipper at St. Elizabeth after receiving the shipment.

And thanks to the medical professionals at St. E's for their tremendous work during the COVID-19 pandemic!