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President Vaidya
TriBeta picnic
Tri-Beta volleyball challenge
...and the team with the most faculty WON!
Dr. Rick Boyce

    The Tri-Beta Biological Sciences Honorary Society (Mu Iota Chapter) celebrated back-to-school with a potluck picnic near the NKU dormitories. Champion grillers and co-advisers Drs. Steve Castellano and Rick Boyce threw down an array of vegetarian and carnivorous options to complement the side dishes provided by local vendors and faculty volunteers.

    Tri-Beta members welcomed first-year students to the Department of Biological Sciences, and long-time Tri-Beta adviser Dr. Miriam Kannan returned to campus to reconnect with old friends and incoming students as well.

    The picnic highlights included a visit for NKU's new President Ashish Vaidya who took note of the outstanding student-faculty collaborations and enthusiasm for the new school year.

    The sporting highlighted included a challenge match featuring Tri-Beta members and BioSci faculty. Thanks to the powerful serving of Dr. Erin Strome and the rapid reflexes of Dr. Dick Durtsche, the team with the most faculty went home with the most points. Rematch in 2019?

Dr. Miriam Kannan
    Dr. Miriam Kannan, Professor Emerita of Biological Sciences and long-time Tri-Beta adviser, returned to NKU to join in the picnic celebration. Dr. Kannan has been publishing regularly on her favorite organisms (the diatoms!) and will spend part of late 2018 doing field research in the Galapagos Islands.