Lynn Crane

Lynn Crane
Academic Advisor

Office: SC 203A
Phone: (859) 572-5306

Following initial advising with Lynn Crane, biology students will be assigned an advisor based on the student's career choice.  Below are the faculty advisiors and their general advising focus.

Student BIO and ENV SC Advising Form (PDF)

Student BIO and ENV SC Advising Form (RTF)

To declare a track, you must "change" your major (even if already BIO) and then use the drop-down list to declare a track.  Please do not declare a pre-professional program (such as pre-med, pre-pharmacy,...) though if you want that added ask your advisor to send an email to the registrar to have that designation added.  A similar procedure is used to Add A Minor or Change Majors.

To Add A Minor, Change Majors, Apply for Option to Repeat a course and other such documents go to Student Forms from the Office of the Registrar.

Advising information including degree/minor checklists, program certiification forms and graduation paperwork can be found in the Biology Majors/Advising Blackboard site.  Also, the 2016 Graduation Seminar video can be found on Blackboard in Biology Majors/Tegrity/GraduationSeminar link.

Faculty Advisiors

Charles Acosta: Ecology/Evolution/Organismal

Bethany Bowling: Bio Education, Cellular/Molecular/Genetics

Richard Boyce: Environmental Science, Pre-Wildlife Management

John Carmen: Pre-Medicine

Christine Curran: Pre-Pharmacy

Greg Dahlem: Forensic Science

Deborah Dempsey: Pre-Physician Assistant

Richard Durtsche: Pre-Veterinary

Kristy Hopfensperger: Environmental Science

Miriam Kannan: Ecology/Evolution/Organismal, General Biology

Rob Kues: Pre-Physical Therapy

Joe Mester: Cellular/Molecular/Genetics, General Biology

Patrick Schulteis: Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental

Kirsten Schwarz: Environmental Science

Michael Scola: Pre-Medicine

Emily Schifley: Pre-Pharmacy

Erin Strome: Pre-Medicine

David Thompson: Ecology/Evolution/Organismal, General Biology

Lindsey Walters: Pre-Veterinary

Maggie Whitson: Bio Education, General Biology