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Lynn Crane

Lynn Crane
Academic Advising Specialist

Office: SC 203A
Phone: (859) 572-5306

Dr. Heleen Giesbers

Heleen Giesbers, Ph.D.
Academic Advisor/Lecturer

Office: SC 203B
Phone: (859) 572-5549

The Department of Biological Sciences has two full-time faculty advisers: Lynn Crane and Dr. Heleen Giesbers. Depending on a student's career interests, majors will also be assigned a faculty mentor with expertise in that area.   


Declaring majors, minors and tracks:

Use MyNKU to declare your major, minor and tracks. Look under the drop-down menu from "You can also..." for Program Declaration/Change. You must select a track in addition to your major for the Degree Audit to work correctly.

To declare a pre-professional program (such as pre-med, pre-pharmacy,...) ask your advisor to send an email to the registrar to have that designation added.   


Graduation information:

Information on applying for graduation can be found in the Biology Majors Canvas site.

Faculty Mentors

Charles Acosta: Ecology/Evolution/Organismal

Bethany Bowling: Bio Education, Cellular/Molecular/Genetics

Richard Boyce: Environmental Science, Pre-Wildlife Management

Christine Curran: Pre-Pharmacy

Greg Dahlem: Forensic Science

Richard Durtsche: Pre-Veterinary

Kristy Hopfensperger: Environmental Science

Joe Mester: Cellular/Molecular/Genetics, General Biology

Patrick Schulteis: Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental

Michael Scola: Pre-Medicine

Emily Shifley: Pre-Pharmacy

Erin Strome: Pre-Medicine

David Thompson: Ecology/Evolution/Organismal, General Biology

Lindsey Walters: Pre-Veterinary

Maggie Whitson: Bio Education, General Biology