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Emphasizing Undergraduate Research

While undergraduate instruction is our major thrust, the Department of Biological Sciences also places great emphasis on undergraduate research. In fact, undergraduate research has become one of the defining characteristics of our Department.  During the past several years, this has resulted in a large number of students working with members of the faculty on a wide variety of research projects. 

Students write grant proposals to support their research efforts, make presentations at state, regional, and national meetings such as those of the Kentucky Academy of Science, Beta Beta Beta, and the annual Posters on the Hill event sponsored by the Council on Undergraduate Research in Washington D. C. 

Many students receive support for their equipment, supplies, etc. through a wide variety of small grants available for undergraduate research through our Department or from the University. Many students receive summer stipends to support their research activities.

How to Participate

To prepare for this, students need to complete BIO 291W (Biological Literature and Research)following the completion of BIO 150-151. This course helps students develop the skills they will need to effectively research the literature available on a topic. 

Upon completion of BIO 291W, students are encouraged to enroll in BIO 399 (Techniques of the Biological Sciences).  [Note that BIO 291W is a prerequisite for taking BIO 492 but is not required for taking BIO 399.] Working with a faculty member in BIO 399, students will learn techniques they can use in BIO 492 Directed Research.  In some instances, students may bypass BIO 399 and go directly to BIO 492.