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The Department of Chemistry is located in the Dorothy Westerman Herrmann Natural Science Center, which opened in the fall of 2002. The center has several chemistry laboratories with modern instruments that our faculty and students use as learning and research tools.

These instruments include or interface with modern computers for data collection, analysis and display. Chemistry majors receive extensive training in instrument operation and theoretical aspects of instrumental techniques.


The department lecture classes utilize various rooms. The maximum room size is typically between 30 and 60 students. Each room is fully outfitted with audio/visual equipment so students can view multimedia presentations and traditional whiteboard instruction.


General Chemistry Labs 

Two laboratories are used predominantly for the General Chemistry courses. Each lab is equipped with MeasureNet, a computer based data acquisition system which utilizes pH, pressure, and temperature probes. Undergraduates get hands-on experience with the Nicolet iS10 infrared spectrometer and analytical balances. There is also an internet based multimedia system in each lab.

Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Labs

Two laboratories are used for organic and advanced inorganic chemistry laboratory courses. Each room has 16 fume hoods (one per student). One of the rooms is equipped with a vacuum / inert gas manifold in each hood. Each lab is also equipped with multiple rotary evaporators. Students also have access to balances, computers and an infrared spectrometer in these labs.

Analytical and Physical Chemistry Labs

These labs occupy the same physical space. The room contains 6 fume hood for sample preparation and ample bench space for experimentation. Students also have access to the various department instrumentation for their experiments.

Biochemistry Lab

This lab space is directly adjacent to the biochemistry research lab. The room contains 4 fume hoods and ample bench space for experimentation. Students also have access to the various department instrumentation for their experiments.

Undergrad Research Labs

There are four laboratories dedicated to undergraduate research, including one teaching laboratory that was renovated for research space in the summer of 2013. Three laboratories are used primarily for organic, inorganic, physical and analytical chemistry. These laboratories have between three and six fume hoods in each. The fourth lab is dedicated to biochemical research. All of the labs also have computer resources. The analytical equipment used in research is shared with the undergraduate laboratory courses and is found throughout the department.

Laser Lab

This room contains instruments necessary for absorption, emission, transient absorption and Stark spectroscopic techniques. The equipment and instruments include a Nd:YAG Laser, Scanning UV-Vis spectrophotometer, emission spectrometer, and a liquid nitrogen optical cryostat. These items are used in undergraduate courses as well as for undergraduate research. This lab is run by Dr. Hare.

Waters HPLC Lab

Through an agreement with the Waters corporation, the chemistry department houses much of Waters' state-of-the-art HPLC and MS equipment. When the equipment is not being demonstrated, it is can be used for research by NKU faculty and students in collaboration with Mr. Oehrle.