Earn Credit for Studying Films

If you love movies, the Cinema Studies minor may just be the program for you. You'll study films as art, cultural commentary, and narrative by examining both modern and historical films from a variety of genres.

Cinema Studies will allow you to sharpen your analytical thinking and writing skills, making it an excellent complement to any major. For an in-depth description of the program, including course requirements, please see the University Catalog.

For more information about the program, contact the Director of Cinema Studies, Dr. Andrea Gazzaniga, at gazzanigaa1@nku.edu or 859-572-1351.

Upcoming Classes
  • CIN 200-001 -- Introduction To Cinema Studies (TR 1:40-2:55) Paige Byam
  • CIN 202-001 -- Survey Of US Cinema (T 3:05-5:50) John Alberti
  • CIN 494-001 — Studies in Cinema: Film Noir (TR 10:50-12:05) Andrea
  • EMB 100 -- Media Literacy (multiple sections)
  • EMB 140 – Introduction to Media Aesthetics (multiple sections)
  • ENG 302-002 -- Literature and Film (TR 9:25-10:50) Barclay Green
  • ENG 302-003 -- Literature and Film (MW 2:00-3:15) Parmita Kapadia
  • ENG 431/TAR 482/EMB 450-001 – Screenwriting (TR 1:40-2:50) Ken Jones
  • HNR 307-001 — The Rhetoric of Documentary Film (MWF 10:00-10:50) Weiss