Master of Arts in English
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We're pleased that you're interested in continuing your education! No matter your academic background, the Master of Arts in English (MAE) degree can be a powerful tool for your future success.

In additon to the MAE, we offer three non-degree certificate options for graduate study:

For detailed information on the requirements for all of our options, as well as instructions for applying to graduate school at NKU, please see the University Catalog. You can also contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Kelly Moffett, at or 859-572-1353.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a certificate? How does it differ from a Master's degree?

Certificates are not degrees. If you were to pursue a certificate, you would complete graduate level courses, but would not graduate with a Master of Arts degree. This is because certificates are typically 18 credit hour programs, while the MAE is a 30 credit hour program.

You can, however, get both. So, if you complete the requirements for the MAE and in fulfilling those requirements also complete the necessary courses for a certificate, you graduate with both the degree and the certificate.

I didn't study English as an undergraduate, but I'd like to study English at the graduate level. Is that allowed?

Yes! You will be asked to share a sample of your writing as part of the application process, but we love working with students from varied backgrounds.

I'm worried I won't fit in with my classmates. What's the typical age and background of a graduate student in the English program?

We really have no typical age and background. Our graduate students come from all over, are all ages, and have had all sorts of different life experiences. Don't worry -- you'll fit in just fine!

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