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The NKU Advising Process

As an NKU student, you are required to meet with your advisor every semester. This helps ensure that you're on track to meet your graduation goals. 

As a first-time English major -- whether you're an incoming Freshman, have changed your major, or have just transfered to the University -- your advisor will be Kendra Conley. She's our resident specialist for getting new English students off to a great start.

Kendra can be reached by phone at (859) 572-1394 or by e-mail at

After your first year with Ms. Conley, you will be assigned an advisor from amongst the Department of English's faculty, with whom you'll work for the remainder of your time as a major.

For individual faculty contact information, see this page.

Minor Program Certification Forms
Degree Requirement Checklists
In addition to your regular meetings with your advisor, it can help to have a tool for tracking your progress and planning your future course of study. That's why we've put together our Advising Workbook, which includes lists of requirements for each of our various tracks, as well as checklists so you can see your progress.

Note: Your academic calendar year is the year you started in the program. You can find your academic calendar year in the "Degree Requirement Catalog" section of your MyNKU account, under the "My Records" tab.

Frequently Asked Questions
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