How English Can Help You Launch Your Career

All the reading and writing you do as an English student serves as excellent preparation for a job market built on information and communication. Your classes will promote your reading, writing, and presentation skills -- the skills employers want.

You'll learn to work both independently and as part of a team to address complex problems and create noteworthy content. Through your classes, you'll also develop cultural awareness and a heightened sensitivity to the view and ideas of others, while cultivating your own personal values and ethics: A must in the global marketplace.

Industries for English Students
Our Alumni
Samuel Phillips, '09
Image of Sam Phillips
Sam began an organization called The Running Word, which hosted twice-monthly open mic nights at The Bean Haus in Mainstrasse, Covington. After this, he organized the Covington City Lights Poetry Slam. He said of it - "I would like the poetry slam to be part of a revolution for this area to just rise up in more spoken word arts other than just poetry."
Jan Mueller, '04
A non-traditional student, Jan found her passion for "non-fiction, historical research, and local history" in part from projects in her classwork in the English major. After graduating she published a history of the Newport Public Library called Soul of the City and in the acknowledgements cited Dr. Gary Walton's influence on her work.
Jason McGlone, '03
Image of Jason McGlone
After receiving a BA in English focusing on both Creative Writing and Literature, McGlone went on to work for the Better Business Bureau in Cincinnati, where his main job consists of analyzing ads for quality and accuracy. According to an article in the Kentucky Enquirer, in the span of six months he processed 354 cases of questionable advertising.
Jill Dunne '01
Image of Jill Dunne
Jill Dunne entered NKU wanting to be a writer, and after Dr. Robert Wallace helped her find and receive an internship at the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, she followed that experience and went on to become the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Cincinnati Art Museum.
Kathy Witt, '97
Image of Kathy Witt
After graduating NKU, Witt went on to pursue many different avenues of writing. She has published books about local travel, doll artists in America, and even writes children's books.
Don't Take Our Word For It!

We aren't the only ones who think English can take you places.

What about Graduate School?

For English students who enjoy research, it often seems the natural next step to study English at the graduate level. It's not the right path for everyone, but if you feel you have what it takes, start researching the process now. Whether you're a high school student looking ahead or an alumnus wondering what to do next, it is a huge commitment simply to apply. We've compiled some links below to help you start thinking about the application process.

If you're thinking about a Master of Arts in English, check out our own department here.