Spring Career Services Events
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Tips for making the most of career events
  • Dress business professional to leave the best impression about you with the recruiter
  • Examine the list of employers attending – locate list on Career Services website
  • Select 5-7 of the companies attending that you are specifically interested in and be sure to stop by their tables at the event
  • Research those companies you select to know what they do/what they are about
    • Create a list of questions you have about what they do and what role you might play with them
  • Prepare an introductory conversation that you can have with the recruiter/representative
    • Shake the recruiter’s hand [a business professional practice to get you remembered]
    • Tell who you are
    • Tell what your major is,
    • Tell what you know/understand their company does,
    • Ask a pointed question about something they do that pertains to your skill set/your major/your future career – doing so will get you remembered since most visitors to the tables don’t do this
  • Leave a one page resume with the recruiter/representative
    • Do not take a professionally printed resume to the event and leave it – save those for the actual interview with company [Note: Often resumes from career fairs are thrown away after the event, so don’t waste money on specially printed ones for the fair; create specially printed ones to be given to the company when you apply directly to each one.]
  • Get the recruiter’s business card
  • About 10 days after the event is over follow up with the recruiter
    • Personally thank them for speaking with you and giving you information
    • Request opportunities that you could possibly apply for/be a part of at the company
    • Request information on who to contact about possible opportunities with the company for you
    • Wait to see if you get a reply and if you do, use the information given to you to apply for a position.

If you have further questions on this, feel free to email Nancy Bowers, Lecturer, Department of English, bowersn1@nku.edu or Lindsey Caldwell Thomas, Lecturer, Department of English, caldwelll@nku.edu. To download a .doc of these tips, click here.