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The minor in Cinema Studies is an interdisciplinary program based in the Department of English. This program allows students to develop and broaden their critical understanding of the history, theory, production, reception, and analysis of cinema as an international social practice of cultural narrative, commentary, and artistic expression. Students in the program will practice and expand their abilities to write analytically about cinema and cinema theory as well as increase their knowledge and familiarity with the historical development and culutural diversity of cinema. The minor in Cinema Studies will enable students to act as critically aware and well-informed citizens and participants in their cultural communities at the local, national, and international level.


For info, contact:

Andrea Gazzaniga, Director               (859) 572 - 1351   




Core Requirements

CIN 200 Introduction to Cinema Studies (3 credits)

CIN 201 Survey of World Cinema (3 credits)

CIN 202 Survey of US Cinema (3 credits)

Select 12 credit hours from the following:

*9 credit hours must be at the 300 level or above*

CIN 494 Studies in Cinema (3 credits) - (can be cross-listed)

ANT 376 Irish Society Through Film (3 credits) 

EMB 100 Media Literacy - AH (3 credits)

EMB 140 Introduction to Media Aesthetics (3 credits)

EMB 380 Documentary Theory and History (3 credits) 

ENG 302 Literature and Film - AH (3 credits) - (May NOT be repeated)

ENG 431 Screenwriting (3 credits) 

TAR 482 Screenwriting (3 credits) 

EMB 450 Screenwriting (3 credits) 

HIS 380 History and Film (3 credits) 

HNR 307 Studies in Film and Media (3 credits) 

JUS 319 Criminal Justice in Film (3 credits) 

PSC 320 American Politics in Film (3 credits) 

PSC 322 International Politics in Film (3 credits) 


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