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Charlotte Kalfas

Assistant Editor

Emily Dehr

Poetry Editor

India Hackle

Fiction Editor

Harley Emmert

Creative Non-Fiction Editors

Nova Graca & Taylor Winkleski

Social Media Coordinators

Julia Manning

Outreach Coordinator

Enrica Jackson

Faculty Advisor

Jessica Hindman

Loch Norse Magazine is NKU's only student-led literary magazine, published annually in the Department of English. In addition to the written word, they are known around campus for their monthly open mic nights.  
Open Mic Nights

Refreshments at 6:30pm, readings begin at 7pm

Fort Thomas Antiques & Design Center

90 Alexandria Pike, Fort Thomas, KY 41075

  • January 25th, featuring Kelly Moffett
  • February 8th, featuring Mary Ann Samyn
  • March 22nd, featuring Megan Henson
  • April 12th, featuring Stephen Leigh
The Archives
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LNM in the news
The Women Writers of Appalachia Pictured at Loch Norse Open Mic Night

WATCH: Loch Norse Open Mic Night

The Northerner, featuring Charlotte Kalfas & Natalie Hughes.

WATCH: Loch Norse Magazine

Student project, featuring Harley Emmert & Charlotte Kalfas.

Professor: open-mic nights ‘about a human connecting with another human’

The Northerner, featuring several professors and David Rigel.

WATCH: Loch Norse Magazine readings move locations

The Northerner, featuring Jamila Lovelace.

Submit your work!

Submissions are open until February 8th. Click through the magazines featured on this page to see what kind of work we accept.

Submissions and submission questions should be sent to lochnorse@gmail.com. With each submission, include a 100-word author bio.


  • up to 3 poems
  • .doc or .docx format

Fiction and Creative Nonfiction

  • up to 5,000 words of fiction or creative nonfiction
  • .doc or .docx format

Photographs and Artwork

  • up to 3 photographs or 3 images of artwork
  • .jpeg or .png format