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What are the Goals of the Writing Instruction Program?

Develop rhetorical awareness and competency.
First-year students will use the basic elements of the writing context-- purpose, audience and self-presentation-- to develop strategies for dealing with a variety of writing situations.

Develop proficiency in writing processes.
First year students will practice the basic elements of the writing process-- invention, revision and editing -- both individually and collaboratively, in a variety of writing situations, including computer-based environments.

Appreciate the close connection between reading and writing.
First-year students will develop strategies and skills by reading and responding to a range of print and electronic texts.

Students will develop knowledge of writing conventions.
First-year students will recognize and practice basic conventions of academic writing in order to control major surface features of writing such as grammar, usage, and punctuation.

NOTE: These learning goals are based on the Outcomes Statement for First Year Composition (2000), endorsed by the Council of Writing Program Administrators (

The Principles That Fuel Us

  • Writing is a skill that all students can learn.
  • Writing is a form of discovering, thinking, and learning, both about ourselves and about the world around us.
  • Writing is a process. Writers need to explore and discover which strategies work best for them.
  • Writing and reading are closely connected. Frequent, critical, and varied reading gives writers information and familiarity with writing strategies.
  • Writing is a powerful tool that must be used responsibly.