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The Geography (GEO) Program examines the impact people have on the world's environment. Incorporating elements of both natural and social sciences, geography focuses on how humans interact with both their physical and constructed (or manipulated) environments.

A degree in geography allows students:

  • to approach problems from multiple perspectives;
  • to understand the environment we live in on a local and global scale;
  • and to engage their research skills.

Whether you are interested in studying climate change, land use in urban and rural spaces, or how and why different people live where and how they do, geography can help find the answers!

A geography degree opens doors to satisfying careers in a variety of fields in both the public and private sector, including jobs in government and academia. A liberal arts degree, study of geography can open the door to careers in park management, urban planning, meteorology, medicine, and more. Click above to find out more!

We offer a Geography major, a Geography minor, and, in collaboration with the College of Informatics, a certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).


We in the NKU Geography Program hope you will bring your curiosity about the world you live in and join us to engage in study of issues affecting local, regional, national, and global populations.


Catching up with recent graduate...

Matt Winkler, '18

The Department of History and Geography is very closely knit, and it's not difficult to become close with the professors and build relationships with them. Geography, in particular, is unique because of all the different professional avenues it can lead you down. My last year at NKU I chose to focus on urban geography and urban planning. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) was my "in" to the urban planning field, and even if you are not a geography major, GIS is an amazing tool and incredibly in-demand. I will be putting my geography skills to work at my new job as a transportation planner with Lexington's Transit Authority (Lextran).

Matt Winkler

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Program Director, Geography

Dr. John J. Metz
444 Landrum Academic Center | (859) 572-5462