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Geography faculty members are available to discuss what a graduate can do with a degree or even several classes in geography. Study of geography is a solid liberal arts foundation for people wanting to go into a variety of occupation-specific training programs.

Our graduates have gone on to positions with government agencies and private businesses that deal with geographic information systems, planning and research. Our students have also become teachers by incorporating geography into their social studies secondary education certification. Other alumni have chosen to continue their studies in graduate programs in geography and other fields like park management, meteorology, medicine, and urban planning.

You will find additional career planning information at:

Are you an alum? Geography faculty would happy to hear from graduates of the geography program. We're interested in knowing where you are located and what activities you are involved in now. To give us an update, you can send an e-mail to Dr. Medlicott or Dr. Metz, or use our new alumni form on the main department page.