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Geographic Information System (GIS) Lab

Geography students at NKU have a high-tech teaching tool in the Geographic Information System Lab located in 408 Landrum Academic Center.

Computers loaded with GIS software allow students to access volumes of geographical data. The department offers a course that teaches students about the system and how to use it.

According to Dr. Metz, associate professor of geography, "GIS is a powerful tool that's widely used for research, planning, and development by government agencies and private businesses."

The GIS software system references information such as topography, land parcels, houses, roads, water lines and sewer lines to make maps that serve different purposes. The maps are used in city planningland development, resource management, academic research, and even crime prevention to identify where crimes are most prevalent.  

Students can use the GIS lab any time that Landrum Academic Center is open, and faculty members are often there to assist them. By utilizing the lab, students can improve their job prospects after graduation.

"Being able to use this technology well will be a big help in finding a job, so take advantage of the class and the opportunity it provides to develop your skills," said Metz.


Need more information? Contact us!

Program Director, Geography

Dr. John J. Metz
444 Landrum Academic Center | (859) 572-5462

Program Director, GIS Certificate

Dr. Hongmei Wang
532 Griffin Hall | (859) 572-7786