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Women's and Gender Studies


"Feminism is a political worldview which, at its core, acknowledges that the world’s oldest prejudice is misogyny and that women on the planet everywhere still suffer from the grips of this misogynist hatred of who we are, what we represent and what we are capable of accomplishing. Feminism is also a path, a spiritual path which acknowledges, honors and labors to rebalance the politics of interdependence on earth by denouncing and dismantling oppressive structures, all forms of injustice and wars which are waged in the service of greed, fear and self-interest. To be a feminist is to become an ally of all who work for peace and social justice. Feminism is for everybody who stands against oppression and injustice.

"Activism is the embodiment of a policy or action that uses vigorous advocacy strategies to achieve social justice and peace. Activism is fueled by individual and collective capacity to harness aggression and place it in the service of a cause. Aggression in this case is boldly defined as life force rising—neither good, nor bad. Using the clean fire of one’s own natural aggressive energy in whatever small ways are possible becomes a spiritual practice, a life work, and a way of being."

-- From Alexandra Merrill, "Some Thoughts on Hope, Peace, and Love"