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The Sehnert Lecture Series is held every year during the fall semester. This event is made possible by the extreme generosity of Dr. James "Duke" Sehnert who came to NKU in 1971 as one of the first faculty members joining the department. Professor Sehnert, a professor of mathematics at NKU for 28 years, passed away in September 1999. He bequeathed his estate to the Pugh Fund, now the Sehnert-Pugh Fund, in NKU's Department of Mathematics through the NKU Foundation.

Details on the 2022 Sehnert Lecture will be available in early August. 

Previous Sehnert Lectures:

2019: Dr. Kevin Hutson & Dr. Liz Bouzarth, Discovering Math in the Magin in Walt Disney World

2018: Dr. Ami Radunskaya, Using Mathematics to Fight Cancer

2017: Dr. Tim Chartier, Mathematical Celebrity Look-Alikes

2016: Dr. Aparna Higgins, Demonic Graphs and Undergraduate Research

2015: Dr. Colm Mulcahy, Celebration of Mind: Connecting Mathematics, Magic & Mystery

2014: Dr. Michael Dorff, Movies and Math - Past, Present and Future

2013: Dr. Rachel Hall, Math for Poets and Drummers

2012: Dr. Gilbert Strang, Random Triangles and Mathematical Videos

2011: Prof. Jim Albert, Measuring Athletic Performance: The Role of Luck in Sports

2010: Dr. Navah Langmeyer, An Introduction to Crytography and Public Encryption

2009: Dr. Frank Morgan, Soap Bubbles and Mathematics

2008: J.M. Cushing, Chaos from Simplicity

2007: Rose Mary Zbiek, Making Essential Ideas a Focal Point of Our Mathematics

2006: Brian Winkel, Cipher Busting by Edgar Allen Poe, Jules Verne, William F. Friedman - and Beyond

2005: V. Frederick Rickey, Isaac Newton: Man Myth, and Mathematics

2004: Robert V. Hogg, The Importance of Understanding Variation

2003: Edward B. Burger, Magic with Mathematics

2002: Ivars Peterson, Moebius Madness

2001: Underwood Dudley, Why Mathematics