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What you will learn

A major in mathematics requires 44 credit hours of coursework, depending on placement. The study of mathematics builds a way of thinking that is used to solve a variety of problems that arise in different contexts. that ability to solve problems make mathematicians a valuable commodity in many occupations. 

Students begin the program in the Calculus sequence which lays a foundation for upper-level coursework. While all mathematics majors complete a common core of courses that ensures the student has a broad knowledge of mathematics, students can follow their interests by choosing from one of two required tracks: 

  • General mathematics is designed for those who want to pair mathematics with interests in other disciplines or for thos who plan to pursue graduate studies.
  • Secondary education is designed for those who plan to teach high school mathematics. This track should be completed in conjunction with the coursework required for teacher certification; students should review this coursework with an advisor in the College of Education and Human Services.

Double Major

A double major in mathematics and statistics consists of satisfying the degree requirements of both majors with a minimum of 58 credit hours of courses applicable to either major. 



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