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Baja SAE Competition week provides a realistic approach to engineering education, and engineering responsibilities. Many of the events are modeled after responsibilities that engineers would be accountable for through design, development, and production phases of any new design. The competition weekend begins with a full safety technical inspection, to ensure that we have designed and built to the SAE rules. Following technical inspection, it's on to the events. These events include a design review presentation, a sales presentation, and the filing of a cost analysis. Once we have presented our design features, justified our costs, passed technical inspection, and presented our sales figures, we are responsible for the actual validation steps for our design. Events can include a hill climb, rock crawl, acceleration test, maneuverability test, suspension and traction test, and a mud bog. The scores from all of the above mentioned events are tallied, and that score determines the gridding position for the endurance race. The endurance race is the finale of the competition, which is a four-hour wheel-to-wheel race where whomever completes the most laps wins. 


Awards are given out to the top teams at the conclusion of the competition. The scores are compiled based on all of the events scores, including the static events such as the design and cost reports, the dynamic events such as maneuverability and acceleration, and for the endurance race. The top three overall competitors are recognized, as well as the top three in the endurance race, and the top team in each of the other events. It's our goal as we continuously improve our standings that we might be recognized among the top teams in the SAE international competitions.

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