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Black Hole Research by Dr. Fernando
Dr. Fernando

Dr. Fernando continued to work on research related to black hole physics. She published 6 papers in 2014-2015 and gave a conference  presentation at the East Gravity meeting at Rochester Institute of Technology, New York in May 2015. She also gave a talk at the Spanish Relativity meeting in Spain in September 2015.




The papers published are,

1)   “Black holes in massive  gravity: Quasi-normal modes of scalar perturbations", S. Fernando and Tyler Clark, General Relativity and Gravitation  Vol. 46 (issue 12) 1834 (2014)

2)   “Quasi normal modes and the area spectrum  of a near extremal de Sitter black hole with conformally coupled scalar field,” S. Fernando, Modern  Physics Letters  A Vol: 30, No: 11, 1550057 (2015)

3)   “ Null trajectories and bending of light in charged black holes with quintessence,” S. Fernando, Scott Meadows and Kevon  Reis, International Journal  of Theoretical .Physics   (accepted) (2015)

4)   “Area spectrum  from  quasinormal modes of a Lifshitz black hole  in 2 + 1 dimensions,”  S. Fernando, Modern Physics Letters A Vol. 30 No. 13 1550078(2015)

5)   “Black holes in massive gravity:  quasinormal modes of Dirac field perturbations,” S. Fernando, Modern Physics Letters A, Vol 30, No: 29, 1550147 (2015)

6)   “Regular black holes in de Sitter universe: scalar field perturbations and quasinormal modes,” S. Fernando, accepted to  International Journal of Modern Physics D (2015)