Julie Reizner
Julie Reizner is a northern Kentucky native, receiving her BS in Geology from Western Kentucky University in 2003.  Pursuing dinosaur paleontology, she attended Montana State University in Bozeman, MT to work in the Museum of the Rockies with Dr. Jack Horner and received her MS in Earth Sciences in 2010.  Her research interests have built on her advisor’s legacy in dinosaur paleohistology – cutting open dinosaur bones and observing the internal bone cells to evaluate the individuals’ ages at time of death as well as the rate of growth, metabolism, age of sexual maturity, and possible longevity of the species, and even to determine social behavior and population dynamics of this ceratopsian dinosaur.  Julie has taught as an adjunct instructor at NKU since 2007 and is currently interested in working toward science literacy and education here in northern Kentucky.   Julie’s other interests include volunteering at the Newport Aquarium as an educator, playing clarinet in a German polka band, and travel and scuba diving worldwide.