Electronics Technology Minor

The minor in Electronics Technology is designed to offer expertise in electronics to those students who need or want this background as a supplement to majors in technology, mathematics, computer science, information systems, radio / television, or other programs that may directly or indirectly interact with electrical or electronic skills.

Transfer credit will not be accepted for the upper division coursework in this minor. Prerequisites will apply for the courses in the minor. Grades of C or better are required for any course applied in the minor.

Minor Core Requirements (12 semester hours)

  • EGT 161 D.C. Circuit Analysis (3)
  • EGT 343 A.C. Circuit Analysis (3)
  • EGT 344 Analog Electronics (3)
  • IET 345 Digital Electronics (3)
  • Technology Options (9 semester hours) in consultation with adviser
    Any 300 or 400 level EGT courses, totaling 9 semester  hours