Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Mechanical and Manufacturing
Engineering Technology

Current number of students enrolled in this MMET program – 222

This accredited program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in today’s industrialized society.  Modern industrial societies are centered on the successful production, distribution, and utilization of mechanized devices and techniques.  Robust design methods are pivotal in the manufacturability, performance, and economic feasibility of these devices.  Together with study of the basic engineering principles, design is the cornerstone of the Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Technology program. 

 Students choosing mechanical Engineering Technology as their emphasis will focus on the relationship between design and performance of parts and products. 

Manufacturing Engineering Technology students focus on different manufacturing methods and practices vital in the production of high quality devices. 

The Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Technology graduates will be prepared to create efficient solution to problems in design, material applications, processes analysis, computer applications, quality assurance, quality control, product testing and analysis, automated fabrication and assembling, and the management of production.

The MMET program is accredited by Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET,   

Sample 4-year Curriculum Plan for MMET

MMET Outcomes and Objectives


Support Requirements (29 credits)

CHE 120 & 120L

General Chemistry  
EGT 267 Programming for Engineering Applications   3
MAT 119
MAT 128 Calculus 1A        Or take MAT 129 in place of
MAT 227 Calculus 1B        MAT 128 & 227
PHY 211 General Physics with Lab I
PHY 213 General Physics with Lab II
STA 205 Introduction to Statistical Methods 

Core Requirements (57 hours)

EGT 116

Introduction to Industrial Materials and Processes


EGT 161

D.C. Circuit Analysis


EGT 211

Quality Control


EGT 212

Computer Aided Drafting and Design


EGT 261

Engineering Materials


EGT 265

Manufacturing Processes and Operations


EGT 300

Statics and Strength of Material


EGT 301

Cooperative Education in Engineering Technology


EGT 310

Project Management and Problem Solving


EGT 317

Intro to Capstone Proj. in Engineering Technology


EGT 318

Introduction to Nano-Technology


EGT 320

Robotic Systems and Material Handling


EGT 340

Applied Dynamics


EGT 361

Fluid Power


EGT 365

CNC & Manufacturing Process Planning


EGT 380

Machine Design


EGT 405

Metrology and Geometric Tolerancing 


EGT 417

Sr Research and Design in Engineering Technology (may repeat 3 times)


EGT 450

Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer


EGT 465

Automated Manufacturing Systems


Take two courses listed below (6 credits)

EGT 260 Industrial Standards, Safety and Codes  3
EGT 280 Into to Microtechnology  3

EGT 362

Tool Design and Computer Aided Mfg  3
EGT 386 Electro-Mech. Instrumentation & Control  3
EGT 423 Planning & Design of Industrial Facilities  3
EGT 411 Quality Assurance and Auditing  3

Select one of the emphases (DESIGN or QUALITY)

DESIGN (6 credits)

EGT 412
Advanced CADD
EGT 462
Applied Finite Element Modeling

QUALITY 6 credits

EGT 321
Productivity Management, Scheduling & Planning
EGT 341
Integrated Resource Management