Facilities and Resources

Our Science Center Comes Fully Equipped

The physics program has 2700 square feet of research lab space in the Dorothy Westerman Herrmann Science Center. This includes a machine shop and the following research labs:

  • Computational Research Lab
  • X-ray Diffraction Lab
  • Radioisotope Lab
  • Material Science Lab
  • Optical Sciences Lab
  • Particle/Astrophysics Lab

In support of this research, the physics program is equipped with a distributed computing cluster, a Mossbauer spectrometer, vacuum systems, a modulated differential calorimeter, wide bandwidth digital and analog oscilloscopes, CAMAC data acquisition equipment, high speed NIM electronics, air supported optics tables, UVNIR Spectroradiometers, laser Raman spectrometer, spin processor for micro-fabrication, pulsed/CW NMR spectrometer and an x-ray diffractometer.