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Physic Program

Faculty and Staff

Full Time Faculty

Wayne Bresser

Dr. Wayne Bresser, Associate Professor

Office: SC 143

Email: bresserw@nku.edu

Phone:(859) 572-6678

Dr. Bresser received a  B.A. in physics from Thomas More College,  and the M.S. and Ph.D. in physics from University of Cincinnati. His area of research is solid state physics.

David Cain

Dr. David Cain, Lecturer

Office: SC 141

Email: caind3@nku.edu

Phone: (859) 572-7513

Dr. Cain received a B.S. in physics at the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Cain continued his studies at the University of Cincinnati and obtained a M.S. and Ph.D. in physics. He began teaching at Northern Kentucky University in 2015, and plans to begin research in the near future. 

Nathan De Lee

Dr. Nathan De Lee, Assistant Professor
Director of Astronomy

Office: SC 151

Email: deleen1@nku.edu

Phone: (859) 572-5492

Website: http://nku.edu/~deleen1/

Dr. De Lee received a B.S. in physics and a B.S. in astronomy at the University of Kansas. Dr. De Lee went on to receive a M.S. and Ph.D. in Astronomy and Astrophysics at Michigan State University. His research interests are in astronomy, primarily focusing on: variable stars, brown dwarfs, exoplanets, and the structure and formation history of the Milky Way. He is also interested in working on algorithms and tools to explore large data sets.

Sharmanthie Fernando

Dr. Sharmanthie Fernando, Department Chair


Office: SC 204I

Email: Fernando@nku.edu

Phone: (859) 572-6549

Website: http://nku.edu/~fernando/

Dr. Fernando received a  B.Sc. in mechanical engineering from  University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, M.Sc. in physics, M.Sc. in mathematics, and Ph.D. in physics from University of Cincinnati. Dr. Fernando’s research  is on general theory of relativity and black hole physics.

Fatemesadat Mohammadi

Dr. Fatemasadat Mohammadi, Lecturer

Office: SC 114

Email: mohammadif1@nku.edu

Phone: (859) 572-7833

Dr. Mohammadi received a  B.S. from University of Tehran, and the M.S. and Ph.D. from University of Cincinnati. Dr. Mohammadi's research interest is Optical characterization of semiconductor nanostructure. 

Scott Nutter

Dr. Scott Nutter, Professor

Office: SC 147

Email: nutters@nku.edu

Phone: (859) 572-5369

Website: http://nku.edu/~nutters/

Dr. Nutter  received a  B.S. from University of Georgia, and the M.S. and Ph.D. from Indiana University. Dr. Nutter’s area of research is astrophysics.

Chari Ramkumar

Dr. Chari Ramkumar, Permanent Lecturer,
Director of Pre-Engineering

Office: SC 144

Email: ramkumarc@nku.edu

Phone: (859) 572-5405

Dr. Ramkumar received a   B.S. and  M.S. from University of Madurai, India, and the M. Tech. and Ph. D from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India. Dr. Ramkumar does research in solid state physics.

Christa Speights

Mrs. Christa Speights, Planetarium Director, Lecturer

Office: SC 444

Email: speightsc1@nku.edu

Phone: (859) 572-5115

Planetarium Website: nku.edu/planetarium

Christa Speights joined NKU in July 2015. She graduated with an MS in physics from Clemson University, where a majority of her responsibilities as a graduate assistant were in the planetarium, which had been newly outfitted with a Digistar 4 system. She is interested in science outreach, eclipsing binary stars, and star formation. Her future plans for the planetarium include continuing science outreach for a range of different sciences, and starting to use the data visualization capabilities for research purposes.

William Thatcher

Mr. William Thatcher, Lecturer

Office: FH 595C

Email: thatcherw1@nku.edu

Phone: (859) 572-5767

Mr. Thatcher received a B.S. in Physics from Xavier University, and a M.S. in Physics from University of Cincinnati. Currently he is pursuing a PhD in Educational Studies, with a certificate in the Developmental and Learning Sciences, from University of Cincinnati. His primary area of research involves student temperament and it’s relationship to motivation and self-efficacy formation. 

Karl Vogler

Dr. Karl Vogler, Permanent Lecturer

Office: SC 142

Email: vogler@nku.edu

Phone: (859) 572-5414

Dr. Vogler received a  B.S. and Ph.D. from University of Wyoming.  He is interested in solid state physics.

Matthew Zacate

Dr. Matthew Zacate, Professor

Office: SC 144

Email: zacatem1@nku.edu

Phone: (859) 572-1365

Website: http://nku.edu/~zacatem1/

Dr. Zacate received a  B.S. from Northeast Missouri State University, and the M.S. and Ph.D. from Oregon State University. Dr. Zacate’s area of research is in computational solid state physics.

Part Time Faculty

Luis Gomez

Dr. Luis Gomez

Email: gomezl3@nku.edu

Dr. Gomez graduated as "Licenciado en Física" (equivalent to a B.S. in physics) from "La Universidad Central de Venezuela". He later obtained an M.S. and a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Cincinnati. His area of research is in applied superconductivity.

Hugh Henry

Dr. Hugh Henry

Email: henryh1@nku.edu

Dr. Henry obtained a BS in physics from Duke University, and obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia. He retired form his work in radiation oncology in 2002, and began teaching at Northern Kentucky University in 2004.

Phillip Henry

Dr. Phillip Henry

Email: phillip.henry@netzero.net

Dr. Henry obtained a BS in Nuclear Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly known as University of Missouri-Rolla), a MS in Physics from Southern Illinois University, and PhD in Physics from the University of Missouri. 

T Paronyan

Dr. Tereza Paronyan

Email: paronyant1@nku.edu

Dr. T. Paronyan obtained an M.S from Yerevan State University in Armenia and obtained a Ph.D. in Physics from National Academy of Sciences of Armenia in 2003. Her area of research is Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology for Energy harvesting, including Carbon nanostructures. Dr. Paronyan has numerous publications in various prominent scientific journals and books as well as invited contributions at several International Conferences and Workshops. 

Retired Faculty

Dr. John Filaseta, Associate Professor Emeritus

Email: filaseta@nku.edu

Website: http://nku.edu/~filaseta/

Dr. Filaseta received  a  B.S. in physics from University of Arizona, and the M.S. and Ph.D. in physics from University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. Dr. Filaseta is interested in physics education research. He retired from NKU in 2015.

Dr. Charles Hawkins, Professor Emeritus

Email: Hawkins@nku.edu

Dr. Hawkins received a  B.A. from Greenville College and  the Ph.D. from Dartmouth College. Dr. Hawkins is interested in astronomy. He retired from NKU in 2013.

Dr. Raymond McNeil, Associate Professor Emeritus

Email: mcneil@nku.edu

Dr. McNeil received a B.S. from University of Illinois and the Ph.D. from the Ohio State University. His area of research is  astronomy. He retired from NKU in 2013.

Dr. Michael McPherson, Professor Emeritus

Dr. McPherson was the first physics faculty member in 1971, at the then NKSC. He served as department Chair as well. He retired from NKU in 1999.

Dr. William S. Wagner, Professor Emeritus

Dr. Wagner was a physics professor at NKU. He retired in July of 1995.


Jamie Fearon

Ms. Jamie Fearon, Academic Coordinator

Office: SC 204H

Email: fearonj1@nku.edu

Phone: (859) 572-5309

Jamie Fearon joined NKU in 2017. She graduated with an M.S. in Earth Science from Montana State University where she studied dinosaur paleontology.

Mike Lehrter

Mr. Mike Lehrter, Laboratory Manager

Office: SC 129

Email: lehrterm1@nku.edu

Phone: (859) 572-7661/6939

Mr. Lehrter joined NKU in 2006. Initially he was the lab manager for the Engineering Technology program, and the Construction Management Department, in charge of the Manufacturing, CAD and Materials labs. Since 2008, he is also the lab manager for the Physics and Geology Department.

Jonathan Wright

Mr. Jonathan Wright, Laboratory Manager

Office: SC 129

Email: wrightj24@nku.edu

Phone: (859) 572-5612

Jonathan Wright joined the Department of Physics and Geology in Spring of 2015. He has a B.S. in Physics from Northern Kentucky University.