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Pre-Engineering Program

Engineering and the practice of engineers refer to activities that involve the beneficial application of scientific knowledge to the solution of problems. Pre-Engineering studies are the start of these extraordinary opportunities.

NKU has transfer programs with the College of Engineering at the University of Kentucky and with the Speed Scientific School at the University of Louisville.

At UK, degrees are offered in the fields of bio systems and agricultural, chemical, civil, electrical, materials, mechanical and mining engineering at the bachelor's level as well as at the advanced degree levels. At the Speed School, chemical, civil, electrical, industrial and mechanical engineering degrees are offered with the preferred graduation at the master’s degree level.

These transfer programs from NKU to engineering programs generally require at least two years of study at NKU and transfer to the degree program at the institution of choice for two or more years of study. NKU also offers the opportunity for students to take three years of study at NKU then transfer so that at the time the bachelor-level degree (B.S.) in engineering is earned, a Bachelor of Arts degree in physics or chemistry may be awarded from NKU.

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Traditional Three-Two Degree Program

If the Pre-Engineering student wishes to receive a second degree in physics from NKU, then the typical program of study will require three years of study at NKU with completion of essentially three-fourths of the B.A. degree in physics requirements at NKU.

The balance of the degree requirements will be met by transferring back credit for the upper division courses taken in the B.S. in engineering degree program.


Graduate Studies in Engineering

NKU works with many graduate programs in fields of science and engineering. Hence, opportunities exist for students who decide to complete the B.S. in physics at NKU to move directly into graduate programs in various fields of engineering. In particular, electrical, materials, and mechanical engineering graduate programs welcome physics majors.

These students should expect to spend part or all of a semester of graduate school taking engineering courses to prepare them for graduate courses. If the student plans to pursue this graduate school plan, the Director of Pre-Engineering will assist in elective course selection for the physics degree program at NKU in order to smooth the transition from science at the undergraduate level to engineering at the graduate level.

Here is a detailed schedule of physics course offerings in the coming semesters.



Dr. Chari Ramkumar, Director of Pre-Engineering

(859) 572-5405