Orientation Course

At NKU, an orientation course (PHY 100) is required that will not only provide students with campus success skills, but also with an overview of the various career pathways in engineering. As a result of these unique characteristics, being an undecided pre-engineering student does not extend the time to graduation, but allows students to explore and, become comfortable and confident with the choice of a major and its field of engineering. In addition, visits by engineers from nearby companies are arranged to present information on current problems in different fields of engineering, future opportunities and skill sets that engineering students need to gain during their education to succeed as an engineer.


Pre-engineering students can have the following options:

2+2 Program: 2 years at NKU + 2 years at any accredited engineering school to obtain a degree in Engineering.

3+2 Program: 3 years at NKU  + 2 years at an engineering program at University of Kentucky or University of Louisville to obtain a degree in engineering from UK or UL and a degree in physics from NKU.