Student opportunities

Physics and Pre-Engineering club

The Physics and Pre-Engineering Club has three goals:

  • To encourage an appreciation of physics and engineering, especially in ways that physics and engineering play a productive role in our society.
  • To establish an understanding of education and career opportunities in physics and engineering.
  • To promote student scholarly achievements, such as student research and participation in professional societies in the areas of physics and engineering.

The Physics and Pre-Engineering club is an organization where students can form lasting friendships with fellow students, fellow majors, and their professors. We welcome all students and faculty to attend our meetings and activities.  The involvement and cooperation of members is important to make this club a lasting network of physics and engineering, students and faculty.  Physics is everywhere and you can be anywhere but we hope to see you at one of our meetings.

Please check our Webpage or Facebook Group for news and updates. For any questions about the club you can contact Tyler Clark at

Undergraduate Research

Many opportunities exist for undergraduate students to pursue research while studying at NKU. Faculty members in the Department of Physics and Geology are often looking for motivated and enthusiastic students to aid in research projects.  The best way to inquire about Physics research with NKU faculty is to contact them

There are also summer research positions offered across the country for students wanting to travel and get valuable research experience in various areas of physics.  Please visit the National Science Foundation website for the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) listings.


Every student is encouraged to visit The Office of Student Financial Assistance website for application and scholarship information.  There are many scholarships available for continuing students as well as incoming freshmen.  Typical scholarship application deadlines for the following academic year  are mid-January for incoming freshman and mid-March  for continuing students.

There are several William H. Greaves Scholarships available to students majoring in Physics, Pre-Engineering, or Engineering Technology.  These scholarships are academically competitive and provide financial assistance for in-state or out-of-state applicants. Greaves scholars often participate in undergraduate research.

Visit the NKU scholarship page for more information about this scholarship and others.

Cooperative Education

Students that are interested in an internship or coop position with local or abroad companies should visit the Career Services Center  located in University Center room 230 for details and assistance.  Their services extend beyond just listing companies.  They offer resume building help, interview coaching and career planning.  The CDC is a great place to explore job opportunities for both during and after your undergraduate study. 

Also a shared cooperative education program with the University of Kentucky is available. The enrolled student works full-time and enrolls full-time in classes during alternate semesters. This allows the co-op student to "learn while they earn; earn while they learn."