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First of-its-kind program 
in the region
Use the power of law to change the world

B.A. in LAW

The B.A. in Law is designed to meet the increasing demand for professions with legal training. Through interpretation of cases, students will learn the history, development, and application of the law. They will also hone their ability to write, research, and debate. Students will be jointly instructed by faculty from Chase College of Law and the Department of Political Science, Criminal Justice, and Organizational Leadership.  
Students will study the foundations of law in Political Science, Criminal Justice and a broad range of Law courses:
  • PSC 100 American Politics
  • JUS 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • PSC 204 Introduction to Law
  • JUS 210 Legal Research
  • PSC 307 Constiutional Law
  • PSC 375 Perspectives on Law
  • LAW 300 The American Legal System 1
  • LAW 301 The American Legal System 2
  • LAW 320 Legal History
  • LAW 324 Environmental Law
  • LAW 405 Financial Institutions and the Law
  • LAW 410 Immigrants and Refugees
  • LAW 420 Employment Law
  • LAW 435 Legal Communication and Persuasion
  • LAW 480 Sports and the Law
  • ...and more!
What can I do with a Bachelor of Arts in Law?

The B.A. in Law provides multiple opportunities for further education including graduate programs for public administration, business administration, law and many more.

Our curriculum prepares graduates for multiple professions that require the ability to think like a lawyer including:

  • Contract Administrator 
  • Environmental Analyst
  • Ethics and Compliance Officer
  • Financial Advisor
  • Government Relations Specialist
  • Health Care Administrator
  • Human Resource Representative
  • Legal Assistant
  • Mediator/Arbitrator
  • Litigation Support Analyst   
Chase 3+3 Accelerated Law Program

The 3+3 program is a competitive program that provides an expedited path to law school. Students become eligible to apply to the 3+3 Program after successfully completing specific undergraduate requirements. Those who are accepted into the 3+3 program start taking classes at the Chase College of Law after their junior year.

NOTE: The BA in Law major is distinct from the 3+3 program. Declaring the BA in Law major does not automatically enter a student into the 3+3 program.

Frequently Asked Questions
*Graduates of the NKU B.A. in Law program are not authorized to practice law or give legal advice and will not be eligible to sit for any state’s bar examination.