A Broad, Liberal Education

Our program studies the administration of justice and the resolution of conflict within society. With courses that focus on the three major aspects of the criminal justice system – police, courts, and corrections – we prepare students for graduate studies or careers in related fields.

The Criminal Justice Program provides a conceptual understanding of criminal justice institutions and processes, theories of crime and punishment, criminal law, and social science research methods through its core courses.

We offer a Bachelor of Arts degree, a criminal justice minor, and criminalistics minor. Rather than training individuals for a particular occupation through instruction in specific vocational skills, our program offers a broad, liberal education focused on the cultivation of analytical and creative thought and on the ability to read, write and speak effectively.

Along with the face to face program, we also offer and online option.


Online Option

Students are able to pursue a bachelor of arts degree or an associates of arts degree by attending online classes. 

Students must choose either the online or classroom option. If the online is chosen, they must be accepted into the online program.

Criminal Justice class

Criminal Justice, B.A.

Sample 4-Year Plan

**This is a general plan developed based on the current curriculum.  Students' plans may vary depending on catalog year, transfer status, or other varying factors.  Please consult with your advisor and/or program coordinator to ensure you are following the general plan for your catalog and status.

Tips on Job Searches in Criminal Justice