International Studies Program

With the global marketplace, there is more call for individuals with knowledge of the world.  This program benefits those who plan careers in international business, law, journalism, government, politics, and Foreign Service.

For information contact the International Studies Program Coordinator, Dr. Ed Kwon.

Study Abroad

Students are encouraged to complete study abroad courses toward the International Studies major or minor.

Assistance With Study Abroad

The Office of Education Abroad (UC 305) can assist with scholarship applications to offset expenses.

Classrooms Around the World

The Academic Exchange Program gives NKU students an opportunity to study in 12 foreign countries.

International Flags

Highlights From A Unique Course

Diplomacy & Negotiation.  

International Studies BA

Sample 4 Year Plan

**This is a general plan developed based on the current curriculum.  Students' plans may vary depending on catalog year, transfer status, or other varying factors.  Please consult with your advisor and/or program coordinator to ensure you are following the general plan for your catalog and status.