Organizational Leadership Programs

The organizational leadership program explores both theoretical and practical understandings of leadership by examining leadership in various types of organizations and across organizational levels and positions.

Delivery Modes

Each program is available in a variety of delivery modes, including:

  • Traditional, face-to-face, daytime classes
  • Online classes
  • Accelerated evening classes for adult learners, offered on the Highland Heights and Grant County campuses.

For information on traditional, daytime, or online classes, contact the Organizational Leadership program coordinator at


Organizational Leadership students

Organizational Leadership, B.A.

Sample 4-Year Plan

**This is a general plan developed based on the current curriculum.  Students' plans may vary depending on catalog year, transfer status, or other varying factors.  Please consult with your advisor and/or program coordinator to ensure you are following the general plan for your catalog and status.

Contact the Organizational Leadership program coordinator at:

NKU's BA of Organizational Leadership is on Kentucky's approved WIOA list.
(Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act)

Interested students will need to contact the Kentucky Career Center for information, to determine eligibility, and apply for the WIOA Grant.

Locations of Career Center Offices: