Haley Day Scholarship Check

Haley Day, an Organizational Leadership and Psychology double major, received a $7,500 scholarship from GigSmart.  A representative from GigSmart presented the check to Haley.  GigSmart is a new job search application that connects potential employees and employers. 



The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership

The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership is comprised of four groups of credit hours: Foundation of Knowledge (general education), Organizational Leadership Major Courses, a Secondary Area of Study (i.e., area of concentration or minor), and general electives.

Minor in Organizational Leadership

Beginning with the 2012- 2013 catalog, the Minor in Organizational Leadership consists of six courses, or 18 credit hours.  There are two required courses (LDR 300 and LDR 308) and four LDR courses (any level) of choice. (If you are under an earlier catalog, please consult your catalog of record and/or your advisor for requirements).

For information on traditional, daytime, or online classes, contact the Organizational Leadership program coordinator at OrgLeadership@nku.edu.

For more informaton on PACE, contact the PACE Program.