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Kinsey Bryant-Lees
Kinsey Bryant-Lees, Ph.D
Assistant Professor

Office: MP 363
Phone: (859) 572-1954

Dr. Bryant earned her Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational and Human Factors Psychology from Wright State University in 2019.  She also holds a Master's in Cognitive and Social Processes and an Institutional Research Certification from Ball State University.  Currently, Dr. Bryant-Lees teaches graduate courses in I-O Psychology, Workplace Cognition and Decision Making, and Organizational Development, along with her newly developed undergraduate course on the Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination.
Her research interests center around improving the measurement of psychological constructs, particularly as they relate to diversity issues and discrimination in the workplace.  Ongoing research projects examine: (1) patterns of implicit and explicit hiring discrimination and the impact of disclosure salience across visible/invisible identities, (2) content and consequences of stereotypes, (3) diversity-focused organizational change initiatives, and (4) the impact of item scale formats on responses and construct clarity.